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Within the commercial aircraft engine industry, since dimensional accuracy of the parts directly affects the fuel efficiency, thrust and flight safety, its dimensional requirements are uncompromising. It is inevitable using three-dimensional measurements (CMM) to provide measurements for parts in process and complete. The three-dimensional coordinate measurement machine (CMM) technology uses extreme precise probes, slide rails and optical scales to measure the various location and sizes of parts, which can measure the size from 0.5mm to 2000mm. Although the equipment is expensive with high cost, the precision of this machine is the highest upon others. Our self-developed fast measurement program accelerates the three-dimensional measuring speed, which can reach up to 30~40 times the normal speed. For example: before the fan blade fast measurement program was developed, a curved surface had 2,869 detection points which originally took 24 hours to complete. After the development, the same curved surface with 2,869 detection points needed only 40 minutes, a great reduction in capital expenditures and costs. With a constant temperature environment and a number of special auxiliary inspection tools along with intensive verification frequencies, we can overcome the measurements of various characteristics with high accuracy.

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