Quality Accreditation
System Certification
Process Certification

It has been well-known that aero-engine industry is especially high-end and technology-intensive because of its products using on airplane with higher security standard than in other industries. All manufacturing processes can only be allowed to posses after getting approval or certifications by customers or other third party quality accreditation authorities in international aerospace society.

In order to create the most profit for the company and reach customer demand no matter on quality, delivery and price, Chaheng sets series of performance indicators— receiving inspection, defective rate of process inspection and final inspection, failure cost, on-time delivery, customer complain and cost improvement—and does review, analysis and improvement through different tooling of quality control such as PFMEA, 8D analysis report and SPC Statistics, etc…

Currently Chaheng has received nearly 50 certifications from major manufacturer and third party quality accreditation authorities in both domestic and international aerospace society for quality system and special process technologies:

1.  Quality System Accreditation
AFNOR ISO9002 certified
AFNOR AS9100 certified
GE Aviation S-1000 certified
Rolls-Royce CQC103 certified
Snecma GRP0087 certified
Honeywell ACS certified
Sumitomo certified
Eaton certified
Ametek certified
Woodward certified
2.  Aerospace Special Process Certifications
Blue Etch, BEA Cleaning
Varnish, DFL Coating
Cleaning, Ti-Alloy
Shot Peening
Glass Peening
Sand Blasting
Plasma Coating -WC 17%
Cu, Ni, In Coating
Arcwire Coating
RTV Silicone Rubber Injection
Composites Compression Molding
Uncured Elastomer Bonding
Aluminum-Silicon And Polyester Coating
T400 Coating
T800 Coating
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Precipitation Hardening
Stress Relieving
TIG Welding
Plasma Welding
Laser Welding
Sinker EDM
Fast Hole EDM
Wire Cut EDM
Laser Cutting
Laser Marking
Hole Making, CMSP
Special Turing, CMSP
Metallographic Optical
Hardness Test HV, HR
Plasma Deposit Examination
Macrographic Inspection
Tensile Test
Erosion Testing
Wet Chemical Analysis
Etch Inspection
Elastomers Test S-450
Cleanliness Verification
Independant & International Metallic Mat'l Lab S-400

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