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Vision & Mission

Chaheng (CHPC) upholds the core philosophy "continuous innovation for progress" with the investments of critical techniques and product developments against aerospace industry.
The company vision is to create irreplaceable value to this industry. Furthermore, in order to be more competitive to the market, CHPC keeps investing in key technologies, critical techniques and introducing the latest softwares/hardwares, statistical analysis methods, diversities of production processes and the improvements of production systems to reach excellent efficiency, high profitability and remarkable technological production capability.
After CHPC's new unmanned factory completed in 2017, the R&D Centre is dedicating on developing innovated precision techniques on the intelligent mechanical production / artificial intelligence manufacturing process.
While being one of the greatest manufacturer in the market, to widen the gap from the competitors, CHPC has delineated a technical development in the next decade by using company strengths to accurate product orientation and synchronizing its high-tech facilities for sustainable profitability and operation.

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